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pc market

PC Market Center

Dagupan City is one of the most technology advanced city in the Philippines. Scattered all around the place are laptop and personal computer (PC) business establishments. One of the most trusted and well-known PC market vendors is PC Market Center at the CSI City Mall.

PC Market has been providing quality laptops, personal computer products, parts and accessories, and technical advisory  services since 2004. Located at the ground floor of CSI City Mall, Lucao District, Dagupan City, PC Market has already served thousands of clients, individuals and businesses, and continues to be visited by hundreds of clients each day. In fact, their market extends in the entire region because many clients that come to their shop are from distant municipalities and provinces around the province of Pangasinan.

Sherwin R. Andaya, Store Manager since 2005, has observed the unstoppable rising technological innovations shaping our region’s industry despite disasters we suffer and experience each year such as strong typhoons and national and global economic problems. This is clearly seen by huge increase in sales and demand of technical gadgets and tools such as personal computers, laptops, net books, tablet pcs, network tools and equipment, and other computer parts and accessories. Since technological innovation is integral to our society’s growth, this trend is expected to rise. In anticipation of this demand, many computer market centers have been established around the City.

Today, computers, whether used for personal or business, is considered an asset that needs to be skillfully utilized in order to grow and stay in competition. So, to become globally competitive and get connected to the global market, one must learn about the new developments and trends about computers.

PC Market is a one-stop-shop for gadget freaks. They sell the latest, affordable, best, trusted, and quality brands of computers, laptops, as well as parts and accessories. Visit their office and seek the advice of the experts in the field of computers and technology.

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